A Fable of Two Filmmakers

This is pretty awesome way to look at two , different, but very brilliant careers, that redefined American cinema and influenced an entire generation of filmmakers world wide.

Forward With Faltering Steps

Once upon a time, many years ago, there were two young men named Marty and Stevie.

Marty and Stevie had only two things in common: they both wanted to be filmmakers, and they were both talented.

But that was where the similarities ended.

Marty was four years older than Stevie and seemed to be doing better in the academic department. For instance, Marty had a Master’s degree and even taught a few lectures at the university, while Stevie was rejected from his original college of choice and got distracted while an undergraduate.

When Marty was 25, he made his first proper film. It would take him nearly three years to finish and release it. Around the same time, while he was still an undergraduate, Stevie impressed the heads at a big Hollywood studio so much that they gave him a contract, making him the youngest director to be signed by a…

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