Open Mic Theatre – a place to be

So i attended Open Mic Theatre last weekend hosted at Terraculture. Im really not an outing or jaiye jaiye person, i prefer to stay at home with a hot chocolate watching a Meg Ryan dvd boxset , watching Arnold Swartzenegger and Steven Seagal utter one liners as they break bones and e ju karate cheesy bad guys. But it turned out to be a great night, featuring loads of great acting talent and many participants performing spoken word. Throughout the time i was there i couldn’t help but think of The Second City

The Second City is an improvisational comedy enterprise that originated in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. It opened it’s doors on December 16, 1959 and has since expanded its presence to several other cities, including Toronto and Los Angeles. Since its debut, the Second City has consistently been a starting point for comedians, award winning actors, directors, and others in show business.

If you like your American Comedy , many of the names you know are alumni of TSC including John Candy(Uncle Buck), David Rasche(Sledge Hammer),John Belushi(The Blues Brothers), Bill Murray (Ground Hog Day), Harold Ramis(GhostBusters) , Mike Myers(Austin Powers), Steven Colbert(The Colbert Report), Tina Fey(30 Rock), Dan Ackroyd(The Blues Brothers),Racheal Dratch(SNL),Steve Carrel(Evan Almighty) and so much more.

Though Open Mic Theatre is not secluded to comedy, and is more of a platform than a training ground, as TSC was a rite of passage for many of those comedic talents we know today, (it might be a bit early to say), but i feel OMT, has a strong part to play in the future of the movie industry as the new generation (late 20’s to under 40) settle in and start to prominently take stage in the industry. Aside many young , upcoming talent performing monologues from movies and excerpts from theatre, present were also many upcoming and talented producers and directors, watching silently, and making mental notes; when they want to cast for their next film, guess who they will call, and may exempt from auditions???

Founded and hosted by Lala Akindoju, it’s not only a harvest ground for observing talent , but a great place for talented actors(yes i mean both male and female) to have fun AND show their abilities, without the pressure and the anxiety that usually come with auditions.


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