Generation Next: Uduak Patrick

GENERATION NEXT: Is a series of blogs, dedicated to throwing the spot light on young Nigerian talent out there (home and abroad) under the age of 40, whose work make the future of the film industry look promising , mostly focusing on those that are behind the camera; producers, writers, directors and cinematographers etc .

So, to kick off the series meet UDUAK PATRICK

He trained an actor,but these days is a multi hyphenate behind the camera who has worked on several feature, tv series and movies in various capacities the last few years. He was a producer on IN IREDU, a short film that made the top 10 of the second round of the AfriNolly short film competition 2014, and went on to win Best Use of Animation. He was also Assistant Director, on the currently running Ebony Life series Married to the Game(MTTG). The man clearly knows where to be at the right time.

Here is his outing as a director

This is his short film ,NOT, found it interesting, a lil rough around the edges but it’s daring in what is sets out to achieve and different from the type of shorts that one would usually come across.

check it out and see what u think

Also, from his company Blacreek Pictures, which he co-owns is their first feature film THE DATE. This time he’s in the producer’s seat for this tale of … well, watch the trailer and find out

Would be cool to see how this turns out , follow him or Blacreekng to keep updated on a release date


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