Walter White Corleone?

Is it me, or were there many Michael Corleone parrallels with Walter White?

– Mild mannered man, that goes into the crime world for the sake of family

– Grows his territory and soon fully transforms from greenhorn to mastermind

– The surgical planning and execution of 9 of Mike’s men in different prisons across the state within a two minute window, mirrored the execution of Barzini, Tataglia, Moe Green,Cumoe etc during the baptism

– What started as a selfless act to protect the family, turns into a megalomanic path, destroying every and anyone that gets in the way, including family, Fredo/Hank

-Protagonist looses the wife he loved because she hates and is frightened of the man he’s become

Or maybe Walter is a distant relative of Frank White and criminal genius is in the blood

Did the writers take direct inspiration from The Godfather, or these are just remarkable coincidences on the hero with a thousand faces?

Anyone else notice any similarities/parallels between Walter and Michael? Nwganu, film buffs and screenwriters, what y’all think?


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