No small parts, just small small actors- part one

THE INCREDIBLES(2004) by Pixar, is one of my favorite animated movies of all times. It has adventure, comedy, suspense, drama and intrigue. It’s script is strong enough to be made as a live action and appeals both to adults and kids.

One of the most memorable characters in the movie is Edna Mode , the pint sized aristocratic fashion designer, who has a way of intimidating even the Supers. Voiced by the director Brad Bird, she is one screen for less then 15 minute of the movie’s 115 min running time. But you can’t watch the movie without remembering her. If you’ve ever heard anyone scream “No Capes!!” , that’s her line.

Often times some young actors get discouraged when they keep getting supporting roles, and long for a lead role. While that’s a good aspiration, you can still shine in that supporting or minor role.

In an incredible number of films, a character actor that has just a few minutes on screen is more memorable than even the lead or other major characters. So whatever the role, while not showboating and trying to steal the scene. See that part as a role which may be the one your favorite producer or director may see and decide to cast you in their next project. It has happened to many people, you could be next.


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