No small parts, just small actors – part 2

BEVERLY HILLS COP is a classic. It was one of the first real and successful Action Comedies, a Bruckhiemer production, it catapulted a young Eddie Murphy to stardom and a very successful career in the 80s. His character of Axel Foley is one of the most memorable movie cops, right along John McLane,Martin Riggs and Dirty Harry. But we’re not here to talk about Eddie Murphy.

In this scene, after Axel Foley goes to see childhood friend Jenny Summers, when he comes across Serge, played by Bronson Pinochot(Perfect Strangers). This scene stands out in an already hilarious movie, its not possible to watch this film and forget this scene.

Now, the director hired Bronson, to play the role , but was not prepared for what was about to happen. Camera rolls, Bronson walks into the scene and starts to do that accent. The director bursts out laughing, they blew so many takes because it was so unexpected. Bronson made that choice as an actor, for a role that last less than 3 minutes, and he is forever remembered by those that love this film. The character was so memorable he returned in the less stellar sequel .

What choices are you making as an actor, to give your character more life, more distinction rather than just coming on set , thinking, “this is a tiny role, let me just do it and leave and get paid”.

Oh yeah, did i mention that on the strength of this one scene, that is less than 2 minutes,and that crazy accent,Bronson got his own television series ,Perfect Strangers, which ran from 1986-1993?


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