Directing: Dont ask me about my business Kay- The Godfather

This is another favorite scene of mine from The Godfather, certainly one that blows me away the most from a directing perspective.

In this scene, Michael’s sister has come to yell at Michael for having her husband Carlos killed, as he blamed him for the hit on Sonny by Barzini. Kay, being taken aback asks him about it, he denies it and she leaves, going to get something for him. As she does, through an inner door, Michael is joined by Clemenza and some of the other capos that come to pay respect. As Kay looks on they acknowledge him for the first time as Godfather,and the door is shut for a private meeting.

That single act of closing the door has so many layered meanings it’s unbelievable.

As Michael gains a new family and position in the family, and is welcomed into the business that his father once kept him out of, Kay who was once his confidant and the closest person to him is shut out literally and metaphorically.

Dunno if FFC had this intention or all the meaning i have read into it, but WOW, i dunno of any 5 seconds of film make me just think GENIUS!!!!!!!! THAT,is what great cinema does and why The Godfather for the foreseeable future will be regarded as one of the best films ever made.


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