I own a football jersey. Specifically it’s a Chelsea Football Club jersey. Whenever it wear it people scream random things at me. Either in support of the club , a comment about a match,or mockery about the teams performance. Some feel they have an affinity with me and want to carry on a conversation. The jersey makes see that i am both a Chelsea and Football fan, an ardent one at that, to have a monogrammed , original version.

HOWEVER, i’m NOT a Chelsea fan, I barely watch football, and I could go the rest of my days not caring what happens to Chelsea or any other team in the EPL or any other league. But it’s a nice jersey that’s comfortable to wear. I don’t wear it because i’m a fan, and want to the world to know it. It was a gift, has my name of the back of it, and is convenient to wear depending on the weather. Sure , I may watch a match once in a while, and shoot the breeze about footie, but in the grand scheme, I have no passion for it, and it’s presence or absence makes no difference in my life.

In life there are people with similar jerseys. Jerseys they wear that to others, identifies them with a certain cause, group or belief system.

Jerseys that make people believe a certain thing about them or create certain images and assumptions.

Whether it be people that wear the Jersey of ;

CHRISTIANITY, but it has no impact on who they are, how they live or what they support . When it comes to take a stand for a Christian cause, they either cower and capitulate to what’s socially acceptable,make excuses or justifications to how it is not practical or “realistic” or even go on to mock and belittle the biblical position on the matter.

They have no passion for living true Christianity; sure they have their weekly dose of church, dance, praise and chant “preach preacher” at the pulpit, but come out with no change or desire to become more loyal to the teaching of Christ and the Bible.

FRIENDSHIP, they appear like friends, but won’t hesitate to short change you, embarrass you , steal from you or discard you anytime they don’t get their way.

ROMANCE, they are just there for what they can get from you ; Money, Access to certain people, Sex without commitment, Self Image Boost. But when push comes to shove , they will never be there for you; when you the chips are down, they won’t hesitate to leave you for someone that will advance their cause more.

What kind of Jersey are you, or someone around you wearing? Do you need to take off the jersey and stop confusing people or actually BE what your jersey says you are?

What other Jersey’s do you see people wear?


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