FELA BIOPIC New Development

FELA BIOPIC New Development

Just the other day i was tweeting and asking ,what kind of film would Andrew Dosumnu make if he decided to shoot in Nigeria. Now we may have an answer, recent news has it , that he’ll be directing a FELA biopic. This come as a surprise as in news through the grapevine over the last three years or so, was that Steve McQueen was to direct it, with Chiwetal starring in it. No word yet, who would be cast in the role. No doubt, like the HoAYS sun casting, it’s going to be interesting to watch the reactions of Nigerians.

Like HoaYS, which was produced by the BFI, this is being produced by Focus Features which has made films with the Coen Brothers and other films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,In Bruges, Eastern Promises etc It’s an American company, and like the reaction with HoaYS people are bound to ask “why are foreigners telling our story?” Considering the Afro Beat King;s influence till today , over a decade since his passing, that protectiveness is understood.

Fela is a beloved Nigerian and African son, a legend on the level of Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Whoever is cast) if not Chiwetal) has a HUGE SHOES to fill, and a lot of hardcore Fela fans to impress. I wonder if Femi and the other offspring are involved and what their take is on this.

Will this start another “our son”, “our story” brouhaha like HoaYS did? Would people rant about Why not a local director,Why not a Nollywood actor. Please leave your thought, your views and what you think about the whole thing.


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