In the 70’s , several directors burst into the scene in Hollywood, Steven Speilberg, Francis Ford Copolla,George Lucas,and Martin Scorsese all came out, revolutionizing the cinema experience. These young men that alll just came out of film school with fire in their belly set Hollywood on fire. Speilberg and Lucas created the summer blockbuster with JAWS and Star Wars, while Copolla and Scorsese showed directing at it’s best with films like The Godfather and Mean Streets. They changed the game gave cinema goers things they had never seen before, forever influencing the next few decades of film makers and changing the cinema experience. 

In the 90’s, Tarantino , Steven Soderberg, David Fincher,David O Russell came on the scene. Creating cinematic milestones like Pulp Fiction, Out of Sight, Fight Club and Three Kings. They have gone on to become some of the most anticipated directors, fascinating a legion of fans and a whole new generation of 

2013 has been quite a year so far in the Nigerian Movie scene. The AfriNolly competition which surfaced in late 2012  inspired and revealed a lot of budding and talented film talent of Nigerian heritage, both home based and living in Europe and North America; bringing to the surface a lot of short films that would have gone unseen and probably would have floated under the radar. Even some films that didn’t make the final top ten, still fascinated all that watched them and showed that they had unique voices that needed to be heard. 

Now that it’s back for a second season, it would be interesting to see the new voices that it reveals.

Just like those 5 friends lead the pack to revolutionize Hollywood, directly or indirectly this short film competition, others like it and the rise of webseries are revealing some of those that are going to be major players in the next few years. I for one wait wth excitement to see what this year would have to offer.

PS – From the few directors that have exploded on the scene in the last few months, with shorts, webseries and feature films, are there any you feel will do what these five did for Hollywood. Who are Nigeria’s 5? Are they here? Or yet to arrive? PLEASE COMMENT. THANKS

The Film Brats and the rise of the Naija auteurs


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