REEL LIFE: Ben or not Ben, that is the DC

So Ben Affleck is in the news again. Earlier on this year it was for ARGO, his third film based on true story that got him a Best Director Golden Globe even after he had been snubbed by the Oscars. About a decade ago, he was in the new for other less wonderful reasons making repeat appearance in the tabloids for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, then that big ass diamond engagement ring he bought for her, and then when ,’Bennifer’ broke up. He was also known to star in films that got critically panned and were always the butt of jokes, the biggest being DareDevil , Reindeer Games and Gigli.

Now the news broke out that he has taken over the Batman cowl from Christian Bale and will become The Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel’s next outing. If there’s one thing to learn about Ben Affleck it is to never count him out. He first rose to prominence after co-writing the Oscar wining “Good Will Hunting” with best buddy Matt Damon. Matt went on to carve a very enviable career, with stellar performances in films like “The Talented Mr Ripley”, The Bourne Series, Ocean’s 11 and much more, while Ben was mocked most of the 90’s for what was deemed as a lack of acting capability. Some even suggested that he didn’t co write with Damon but was given credit. He was losing both on and off screen and soon dropped off the radar and came back reinvented as a director with the excellent “Gone Baby Gone(2007), following it up three years later with Heat-esque heist flick “The Town(2010)”. A simple shift turned him from media whipping boy to beloved director.

Now the release of his name as the next Bruce Wayne/Batman has caused chins to be wagging and fingers to be clicking. All over the social media world there are cries, and people are recalling Dare Devil and how that turned out. Well, I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, from what he has shown us in his second life as a director; it’s that he can pull not one, not two but three rabbits out of his hat. To many, his acting career was done, he was down out for the count and could not even hear the referee, but his career return since 2007 has proven otherwise. Maybe this is the role where he will shock us with tremendous acting skills, we can only wait and see.

Trivia: If he does go on to play Batman. He would become the only actor in history to play both of DC’s biggest characters. He already played Superman in his role as George Reeves in “Hollywood land”. He’ll also join Ryan Reynolds to have played characters in both the DC and Marvel Universe.


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