HoAYS and the year of Chiwetal

So the trailer has been out for a few weeks now, (Yeah, i know,this is kinda a Lastma a blog). After all the brohaha surrounding this film,from the casting of Thandie Newton in the lead to the scarcity of Nollywod actors in signficant roles’ to rumors of Genevieve`s scenes hitting the cutting room floor, now that the trailer is out, it has done it’s work in getting people excited to see it.

How it plays in Nigeria would be very interesting to observe, as both fans of the book and those that followed the production closely, and also those that petitioned against Thandie Newtons casting, and the outrage that followed a comment made by source writer Chimamanda will all be watching the film. So i guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. One thing is certain, the film certainly has had enough publicity long before it gets to the screen.

Chiwetal who plays one of the lead characters in it, also has  “12 years a slave” coming out,directed by Steve McQueen who is already building a body of work that commands respect and another film “Savannah” also a 2013 movie. So this is the year of the Golden Globe nominee who has worked with respected directors like Speilberg, Spike Lee, Ridley Scott and David Mamet.

With HoAYS and Mother of George(dir by Andrew Dosunmu) receiving a lot of attention on the global  cinema scene, and both are directed by Nigerian born but West based film makers, it would be interesting to see the effect they have on the Nigerian filmscape and how differently films made in Nigeria and by Nigerians are viewed.


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