What Angry Birds Taught Me

So i finally caught the Angry Birds virus. I haven’t really played video games since someone borrowed my SNES after high school and returned it two years later. So , im flipping through the applications on my phone (go team andriod) and i come aross Angry Birds. So i decide to check it out, and i liked it. Im getting into the game and try not to let the use of projectiles and arcs take me to the nightmares maths gave me throughout my academic career.
So on Day 3 of the game , i’ve advanced and im finally at that stage where the blasted pigs are covered by every concievable barrier, like a virigin bride,in castle with sniper, a piranah invested moat , while locked in a biometric time code lock accesible only by her comatose dad. So i launch one of the birds trying to break through and get to the next stage. It’s getting harder and harder and each attempt just seems to protect them even more. So , i launch one of the little blue birds and realize the projectile is not accurate and i try to recall the bird in mid flight( Doh, silly, i know). To my surprise the bird split into three, multilicity!!. I did not know this was a feature. It had increased my odds of going to the next level. Not only had i been limiting myself and progress from using only what i saw, but i had access to functions that were there to help me.

I also limited myself to seeing only part of the screen, launching from one half of the screen hoping it would hit the mark , i didn’t realize till much later that i could expand the screen and see the entire playing field,and actually plan my projectiles better.

In life sometimes we take things or people at face value. We make assumptions that they are all or only what we see,and sometimes draw conclusion that they can’t be of any use, when they could just be the key , the boost, that can make our progress easier. So let’s open our eyes, investigate,be discerning and realize what we have right under our noses


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