My generation grew up with the microwave, instant pizza, pop corn and remote controls. We never really learned to wait or anything , If we wanted something we wanted it RIGHT THERE. This translated to our lives as adults, We wanted instant jobs immediately we get out of school and instant financial stability , the same our parents took 20 years to achieve.  But sometimes , we needs to wait. Instead of a microwave mentality we need that of a crock pot. A crock pot takes the time to cook and offers better cooked and more nutritious food than the microwave ever could.

Sometimes we aren’t ready for what we want, other times it isn’t ready for us , and we need time to percolate, or come out like an underdone cup of coffee, bad tasting and only fit to be spit out or poured down the drain.

The clip below  is DeNiro’s  THE GODFATHER screen test for the character of Sonny Corleone. Good thing he didn’t get it ,cos James Caan was brilliant in the role. Im pretty sure he was gutted, devastated and disappointed that he didn’t get a callback.But as we know he was recalled for the sequel and was AWESOME as a young rising Vito for which he won an Oscar .

You may not get that role you auditioned for. Those marketers may refuse to fund your film or distribute it because there are no known names in it,or the names they want. You may not get accepted by the first few publishers you approach.you may not get the record deal and watch lesser mortals get all the shows, recognition and accolades. Some
times it may be that we need to go back and reassess are strategy; but through it all,keep your chin up, it aint over.

Sometimes not getting what we want, when we want it, is not such a bad thing.




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