WEBISODES – THE NEW FRONTIER; How she left my brother

Young film makers in Naija face a lot of odds. The first of all being finance. How do they get their tv shows and films funded. when they manage to overcome that they face the issue of getting it on air. From Bureacracy to greedy broadcasters that want something in exchange its a frustrating hurdle.

But with shorts, indie feature and now web series young creatives are defying the odds . One of them being rapper turned director, Sanchez Aghahowa, the TINSEL director has created and directed a new 7 episode series called How She Left My Brother, an experimental series that is off to a good start. From the first episode im quite excited. I like the kind of humor they went for and the stylized tone.

I look forward to two things, More episodes and work from Sanchez, and also more innovation like this. The performance from lead actor @ivie_okujaye is likable and believable and presents a good host guiding us through the web of her brothers relationship and family dynamics.

But i’ve said too much, watch and decide for yourself.



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