Some Films every upcoming Film Maker should see

The Godfather

Considered to be one of the greatest American film ever made, every aspiring film maker need to see this and just be awed by it. Great writing, brilliant cinematography, had one of the greatest cast ensemble. A young Copolla created a masterpiece, and unknown to many, was in constant danger of being fired and replaced, because the studios disagreed with his casting of a young Al Pacino as opposed to Robert Redford who was already an  lister.  He stuck to his gut and the gamble paid off. The Godfather consistently remains in the top 5 of greatest films ever made  We can only guess, where the film would be, if Coppola had caved in to the wishes of the studio.

Citizen Kane

CK has amazing cinematography, in fact, it was ground breaking , and in some cases still remains  unsurpassed. It was phenomenal acting and did a lot of pioneering things on the screen. One of the most amazing things about the legendary Citizen Kane, is that it was co written, directed and produced by Orson Well at the age of 23, not only that! It was a feature debut. There is debate as to what makes it so great but the fact is, that right up there with The Godfather, it remains amongst the top five in the list of the greatest films ever committed to film. If not for the technical and the arts. Watch just to realize what a 23 year old with research tenacity and ambition was able to achieve.

El Mariachi

If you’re an aspiring film maker , with no studio funding or millionaire daddy funding your films and you’ve never heard of this film, shame on you, In fact, stop reading and go away.  ,,Ok you can stay. In the world of independent cinema and guerrilla film maker this is the stuff of legends. Armed with a camera, two lamps , a wheel chair  and a $7,000 budget a 24 year old Robert Rodriguez came out with this debut that stunned the studios.  Rodriguez’s creed paraphrased  is, look at your environment,, and write your story with what you have not what you want. The sheer innovation and creativity to create an entertaining film . This was once of the first films shot on video that was purchased by a studio for distribution.  Rodriguez continues to use the same principles  to make his films and is one of the few film makers that is able to make studio  films out of his own home, literally.


Another legendary film in the annals of cinema. Written and Directed  by Jean Luc Goddard,  there was no big budget or luxury of large cast and crew.  This was one of the films that  defined the French Nu Wave(read up on it, inspiring). It’s said that Goddard could not afford a dolly, so he just got a wheelchair and pushed his cameraman around on that. He also could not secure city permission to shoot on the streets, so it was done mostly guerrilla style, with real people on the streets.


This is one film that you must see, just to realize that you don’t need huge set pieces, explosions or car chases to make an engaging movie., a huge lesson in  location economy. Written and directed by Kevin Smith, loosely based on his own life as a store clerk, Clerk took the film industry by storm. Financed by loans from family, friends raised the film’s minuscule $27,000 budget by selling off his comic collection, borrowing $3,000 from his parents and maxing out his credit cards. Kevin Smith cultivated a cult classic. The story takes place mostly in and around the convenience store that the main character works in.  It’s potty mouthed, controversial and quite nutty, and it launched a career for Smith and a long time partnership with the Weinstein Brothers.

Annie Hall

This is the movie that  is a romantic comedy classic, that not only did not have  happy ending , but defied everything that you see in rom coms these days. From the  fragmented chronology, the breaking of the fourth wall, animations, characters interacting with scenes from the past. Annie Hall did a lot of pioneering and very different things on the screen.  It’s no wonder it won Best Original Screenplay, iin my opinion one of the most deserved in the past few decades.  Don’t just duplicate what is out there, dare to be different. Don’ follow a formula script of what you think might work, be innovative and creative.

There are a lot more films , which i have not listed and will do so at some other point, but for now, Happy viewing.


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