Film Making:Technique Vs Content

When it comes to film making some people seem to think that it is all about pointing a camera, pushing the record button and capturing the performance, and to some extent that is a part of it but only the minimal.
If that was all there was to it anyone can direct and it would not be a skill.

When it comes to making a film It’s all about the execution ,cos even with the greatest script and actors on the planet , if the execution is wrong, especially in genre specific films like Suspense,Thriller Horror or even Romance and Comedy. If you don’t execute it right, you lose the power of the story and the performances on your audience.
Know your execution,that is what will make your interpretation of one script stand out from any Tomi,Dike or Hakeem that will pick up a camera and claim to be a director.



3 comments on “Film Making:Technique Vs Content

  1. Excellent post, I believe this is another key to emphasize educating the gifted. I believe anyone who possesses a gift or a desire to develop a gift needs an awareness of his or her alternatives versus succumbing to the current state of this Society.

    The perversion in popular culture & the arts has influenced our cultures through promoting the dumbing down of ideas, refuting creative ability and the compromising of quality substance for mediocrity, which in no wise is acceptable.

    Thank you again Sir.

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