The Rise of the Naija Auteur

A short film is any film not long enough to be considered a feature film. No consensus exists as to where that boundary is drawn: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a short film as “an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”.

Shorts have been the means by which upcoming film makers show the world and more specifically the industry what they are capable of doing. Many of the legends of today made short films which enabled them to be recognized and get the opportunity to make feature films. Directors like Speilberg, Scorcese, Chris Nolan ,George Lucas and other went through this path at some point.

I want to dedicate this post to the young film makers from Nigeria.

I won’t write much but i’ll let their work speak for them. You form your own opinions on what they’ve produced. Some of them are based in Nigeria others are outside the country, But they are all Naija Bred .

They vary in genre and tone. Some are socially relevant, some are art house and indie, and others are just entertainment,your opinions on their execution may vary. but they all show something different about their craft and the capabilties and potential of their directors. So
ladies and gentlemen, say hello to The Future

First up SIGNS by London Based SUNNY KING


Second up WAITING LINES by Lagos Based Daniel Oriahi Follow @Filmic25)

Next up, it’s not a short but a trailer for a feature called BLOOD AND HENNA by Kaduna based KENNETH GYANG, ok yeah, im sneaking this one in 😛

Follow @degyangs

Our first female entry is by Lagos Based TOPE OSHIN OGUN called THE YOUNG SMOKER

Follow @topeoshinogun)

Next ASSAILANT by Lagos based ABIOLA SOBO Follow @abiolasobo)

Ok, this one is a lil long, so if you need a bathroom break, take it now, and grab your pop corn on the way back(WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST OH,Lol)

This is by Lagos based IMOH UMOREN, also known as MAJORBOY titled ALL SORTS OF TROUBLE

Follow @majorboy8

Finally,(for now) a short BLISS by Lagos based OLU YOMI OSOSANYA, yup, moi. You know what they say, charity begins at home. 😉

Follow @oludascribe

As i discover more i’ll put them up and maybe at some point a little interview(maybe oh can’t guarantee), but for now, i hope you enjoy.

Please as you watch go to their YouTube pages, drop your feedback and show some love and for those with IMDB accounts you can go to their pages to vote and review.

The Young Smoker by TOPE OSHIN OGUN



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