The internet is a fascinating place , the information superhighway, capable of taking you to another world with a fraction of a second. Cross continental messages are sent back and forth within seconds No longer does snail mail hold us ransom from staying in touch with our nearest and dearest. There are so many things on the internet to keep you occupied one could waste an entire day sitting in front of the computer and like a hamster in a wheel ,keep busy but not making any progress .

One thing that you will indefinitely come across on the internet is contracts. Before you get an email address, open a social network account, gain access to certain services on the internet , you must comply to with a Terms & Conditions contract.

A contract that specifies what the term you must agree with to continue receiving the benefits of the service. It usually is a very long contract and most people never read it. They are so eager to receive the service that they just scroll to the bottom and tick the little box that says “i agree”.. Somewhere along the line they may violate that contract and their account becomes suspended and they fail to realise why this happens. Oblivious to the situation they are downcast and try to sort out the problem with the means that fail to resolve the issue.

This happens in many relationships. Two people meet, eager to get going,that they fail to pause to find out what they are getting into. The relationship goes well until one person violates the terms & condition of the other person when it comes to relationship. Oblivious to this fact, the violated reacts against the violator, and the violator is astounded.

The offended goes “You violated my terms&conditions and therefore you must face the consequences”. These consequences could be , a rant, the silent treatment or the dissolution of the relationship. They are essentially telling you , I love/care for you only if you don’t do, this , that or the other. Their love in conditional on you complying to the parameters that they set, sometimes without you knowing those parameters.

This is the type of Love you can except from the world is conditional. A love that is dependent on your performance, on your behaviour , on how much you please and not displease them. Sadly many kids grow up in homes like that, and it’s just a repetition of how their parents were raised and it goes on like that for many generations.

Thankfully the love of God is not like that . He loves his children in-spite of what they do, unconditionally. He will discipline us and chastise us, but he does not love us based on our performance but based on Who HE is and his love for us, even when we mess up.Now THAT is something to be grateful for if nothing else.


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