XEROX, a word that is familiar to anyone that has been a College or University student , or has worked in some form of office setting.It become synonymous with the invention of photocopying. And although other companies produce the machine, the brand name has stuck. This duplication miracle was both a gift and a curse to the world. A gift to those with arthritis and could not keep up with all the duplications,(the very reason it was invented) a curse to those that made a living copying documents for others. Two sides of the same coin, the xerox was here to stay , and continued to change and evolve.

Before all the photocopied posterior and other bits became a favorite pastime, something else was discovered. People realized that a copy of a photocopy, never came out the same as the original. When you photocopy Document A, the copy will never be of the same image of visual quality. In fact, you begin to see the lines and shadows, that are evidence of copy. By the time that copy is duplicated, another inferior duplicate is made and as it goes further down the line,as the process continues in a vicious cycle, the fact that it’s a copy becomes so obvious and distorted, that it can not be used for anything beneficial.

Unfortunately in real life a lot of people do this. Teenagers that try to be a copy of a celebrity, who already is trying to copy another celebrity or someone they admire. It’s seen in reality TV shows, when a singer imitates the vocal style of another performer. The endless remakes of classic movies, fall on their face, because they can never be like the original. They may have higher technology and better visual effects, but a copy can never be superior to the original . Hip Hop vinyl spinner Dj Clue is known to say “often imitated never duplicated”. Nate Dogg and Warren G in their song “Nobody Does it Better” to other rappers “they can be closer than close, originals they never would be, nobody does it better” .

Another example, is the Gus Van Saint remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic PSYCHO. It was a shot for shot remake, with much better technology, but it could not hold a candle to the original and is held in high disregard.

We should determine in life, to never be a shadow to anyone, a shadow falls behind, but the light is so easy to find.We should stop trying to be like everybody else and get to know ourselves. Reach deep within and discover who we are and who we are destined to be , and like the Chesney Hawkes song, we must believe with confidence “I am the one and only , nobody i’d rather be.


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