You came into my life
with that sunny smile and bubbly personality of yours
i wondered why someone so wonderful would just waltz into my life

I was there for you
I cared for you
i answered every phone call at all hours
i responded every mail and text message

I showered you with praise and attention
and never had an agenda or ulterior motive
i just enjoyed your  company and every moment with you

It seemed like bliss , it  all seemed wonderful
and then

You’d breeze past me like a hurricane
without even as much as a hi on your way to meet him
i thought he was the past
you’d stand me up even when you called for a meet and never apologize
I’d stand in the cold waiting for you’d show up with someone else
you’d zone out when it was my turn to talk
you’d call me by his name time and time again

The hurt the pain the confusion
so much time together, so many emotions
what does it all mean, am i over reacting, paranoid?

Your mind boggling question like a rubix cube with disco lights
Why don’t you like me?
Are you ashamed of me ?
Why are you making me miss you?
She likes me , She likes me not
i can never figure out exactly where i stand

And then those words were uttered
did i mean nothing to you
all that time spent was in vain, meaningless

Was i just an emotional gigolo
a burn recovery ward for your hurts and fights
a surrogate boyfriend doing all the work and no rewards
a pacifier for when he was not available
a dealer to your Attention junkie fixes
only good enough when he’s not emotionally or physically available

I was everything you wanted ,needed
everything inside that you wished he could be ,
saying all the right thing being all the right things
yet i mean nothing to you because “there’s no spark”

Pardon Me
I should see you when he’s not around


That’s it , I’m done
I’m done, I’m out
You came into MY life
you said he was the past
i never asked much or pressured you
treated you like royalty
and this is how you do me!!
that’s who i am to you

I’m walking away
i should have seen you were trouble from the start
taught me so many lessons , about being with
“on a break” hearts
Jeze u have struck the final chord
This is the last time
I’d hurt myself for the sake of being with you
good bye good luck

Tick Toc Tick Toc

Hello , Who is this, WHO
Oh , it’s you
I wondered why i was smelling brimstone
So, What made you remember me today Delilah
You want me to what!!
I should call you what?
Sorry, no more terms of endearment
That ship has sailed,
been given a Viking burial
and gone to Davy Jones locker
As i recall, there was “no spark”
Huh….You’re sad
He messed up, got tired of your ways and
walked away from you
OH i get it, shoes on the other foot now
2nd degree burn
I should meet you where?
You want to give what a try
Re Kindle what?
Woman please, Do i look like a glutton for punishment
It hurts so bad!!, Oh really!!
Cry me a river build a bridge and get over it
Slither away just like you slithered in
like crack cocaine flushed down the toilet
i wave Good Bye, but it wasn’t nice seeing you



    • What makes u think it’s my experience 😉 ? I’m a traditional dude. Don’t believe in the whole wild oats ,and free milk,why buy the cow thing. Strange in these times, but hey.

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