musiculturally pt 1

Anyone that knows me even barely, knows that i have twin passion for music and movies.I love wide range of genres .I scream alongside Chester Bennington ,Croon with old blue eyes, “lose myself” with Marshall and get caught up in rapture that is the auditory and cerebral seduction of Kenny G’s saxophone.

Good music is a form that transcends all ethnic barriers .Despite the stereotypical molds placed on us .”Black people like Hip Hop and R&B, White people like rock”. and pop. The thing is great music shatters all that . As there are more white kids at Dre’s “Up in smoke” tour and there is an increasing Rock fan base in West Africa,the most populous black region of the world.

So how exactly are we affected by music. Possibly second only to movies & television ,music is the most influential force on the psyche and consequently culture. The musicians behind the songs attain iconic status and dictate through their music and lifestyle, what happens in a generation, more than education, religion or common sense ever has. Just take a look at “The King’s” continuing influence more than 30 years after his passing.

The influence of hip hop on a generation since the late 70’s is immeasurable.Surpassing the shores of the United States where it was born , we now see kids in Hong Kong, Lagos,New Dehli and Beirut dressing,walking and talking like they just stepped out of a Wu Thang video.Each genre Rock ,Pop,Punk ,Techno and hip hop forming their own disciples.

So where would we be now as a society ? As a people, how strong has music’s influence been on us ? Are we juke boxes(or i-pods) that project through our lives the music we listen to ? Are our mindsets and perspectives on issues a result of what we have absorbed ? When we say F the police, do we really mean that or we just projecting NWA. Our views on sex, are they really ours, or are they formed because we were told to see “nothing wrong with a lil bump and grind”. When offended do we go into an F word rant and threaten “now you’re about to feel the wrath of the menace” . What about our aspirations ? When they do not work out is it because we are walking along a “boulevard of broken dreams”? Or simply because “it was all a dream” and “in the end it doesn’t really matter”?

It’s interesting to think about what life would be like , or how different our personalities would be in a world without lyrics. If we lived in a world without lyrics, would our personalities really be that different? What would the world be like, if all we had, were symphonies of the Beethoven and Mozart type,lyric free Jazz tunes, or only techno beats?

(C) 2009 OLU YOMI


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