a few thoughts, a few perspectives, a few things to ponder on


1-Good people don’t go to heaven ,forgiven people do.

2-God takes full responsibility for the life fully devoted to him.

3-DIRECTION, not intention ,determines your destination.

4-Never judge a relationship by where it is now, but by where it is going .

5-The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.

6-Purity in your single days , paves the way for intimacy in your marriage days.

7-If you can see as God sees, you will do as God says.

8-People never take purity seriously because we have given them the WHAT and not the WHY.

9-Jesus is not a little thing you add on to your life, he IS your life, or is nothing to you.

10-You don’t have to experience being bitten by a snake, to know not to walk into a snake pit, because you see a glimmer of a gold nugget.

11-What you use to enter a relationship , would most likely be what you have to use to sustain it.

12-Come on!!!, This is a worship service , not an interview/auditon for Hooters!!!

13-Ladies ,What would be going through your mind,if while trying to worship , the dude “worshiping” across you at church service, wore a t-shirt , with the words JOYSTICK and an arrow pointing towards his crotch. Probably the same thing a dude thinks when a girl shows up to worship and her cleavage is showing.

14-Can two walk together unless they agree?, Watch who you associate with, watch what you put in your mind.

15-The gospel is not a condemning gospel, if it is preached right.

16-We can’t fulfill God’s will on one side, by breaking it on the other.

17-Sometimes God has to destroy things in our lives, so we can raise our eyes to heaven.

18-The Bible is a set meal and not a buffet, we can not select only the promises and reject the chastisement , take what works for us and is sweet, and reject what is “inconvenient” to our lives.

19-It’s funny how we want God to work miracles for us, but we ask him not to interfere with our lives, or mess with our default settings.

20- When we begin to demand a scripture, in defense of a questionable lifestyle we have chosen, we are walking a dangerous path.

21- The prudent person forsees the danger ahead and takes precautions; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences Prov 22:3

22- The excuses and logic that we hide behind instead of admitting our bad choices, will continue to be the foil, to achieving goals and dreams.

23- Not every mutual attraction, is necessarily a wise relationship choice.

24- In light of what you want in the future ,for marriage, career, family, finance, the choice you are about to make, it’s not a matter of right or wrong, but whether it is the WISE thing to do.

25-When asking yourself, “How far, is too far”, How far do you want your future spouse to have gone with other people.

26- If in our Christian life , we are propelled forward, by the current of the world’s standards, rather than swimming against the current, back to God’s will, we know not God.

27-We truly can judge a book by it’s cover , because the Bible says “By their fruits, you shall know them” and “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh” . The things that manifest in a person’s continuous lifestyle are a testament to their character and who they truly are.


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