When we think of the term fish,it’s a natural assumption that tends to take the mind to all the creatures in the ocean. It encompasses so much. There are clown fish, star fish, sword fish scaled, non scaled and so much more. There are different conditions for the fish to live in fresh water and salt water fish. Within this same ocean, there are dolphins,sharks , whales , and at some level many of them are called fish. Within this term, there are plankton , there are bottom feeders , there are scavengers and there are the predators all in the fish family. There are fish that swim in schools, those that follow the trails, others have left behind. There are the hunters, those that are disguised in as sea weed or in the sand, lying in wait to strike the unassuming approaching.

However, elementary school science, will remind us , that not all that dwell in the sea are fish. even if they look like fish. Dolphins are mammals,turtles are amphibians as well as platypus. Yet sometimes we assume and use the term “plenty of fish in the sea”. To refresh our memory, an amphibian is a cold blooded vertebrate animal, that shuttles between the land and sea to live.

In the past years , the fish symbol, t shirts and bumper stickers have become very popular amongst church attendants. I say church attendants because sometimes we just attend to mark weekly register to fulfil all righteousness or procedure. We carry the tag or title of scripture , speak the talk, and swagger the walk, but just a creature lives in the sea and has fins ,does not make it a fish.

If going to church made us Christians, half of North America’s population would be Hamburgers and the UK’s kebabs.

Unfortunately , the world can not distinct between the real fish that live in the sea of God’s will, and the amphibians that leave the sea, back to the world in search of this that or the other. The thing is , though fish and amphibians can co-exist in the sea, the fish can not exist outside the sea, and can not follow the amphibian to where it goes outside the sea.

The question is , which are we ? Are we the real fish that dwells only in the sea, dependent on it for our existence and life , or are we the spiritual amphibian, that shuttles back and forth between the land and the sea ,never really deciding where it wants to be.

Do we pose as Christians but constantly leave the will of God, to go back and “do our thing” , “have fun” or “live life” in the world. Does the world see us as “Christians” and at the same time “one of them”?

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing;…” II Cor. 6:17).



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