In the year 2004 two unique siblings dropped albums that made the world stand up and recognize their talents. No. I’m not talking about Michael and Janet, I’m talking about the Bedingfield’s big brother Daniel and sister Natasha. These sibling from down under brought a whole new vibe to the industry that was refreshing,away from the usual mediocre same ol same ol, that were present in every other pop and R&B genres.

Daniel’s two albums GOTTA GET THROUGH THIS and SECOND FIRST IMPRESSION, were certainly titled well. Full of original scores telling stories in a masterful way like a Sydney Sheldon novel, the boy certainly made a great first and second impression. As for his sister Natasha, her album UNWRITTEN was so appropriately titled. The album addressed so many relationship issues artistically without male bashing unlike many of her counterparts in the industry. As a guy I can say that I absolutely loved this album.

Starting with the hit “THESE WORDS”, an honest song about various emotions related to social and professional lives, a song that I’m sure a lot of people related to.

The song “SINGLE” is a song that I think every young lady that is old enough to be in a relationship should listen to. Some ladies see it as compulsory to be in a relationship, that they simply can’t do without it. Once they leave one relationship, there is no recovery or reflective introspective alone time, before they jump into another. Some feel that something is wrong with them , or people would talk, if as a woman in her twenties she isn’t hooked up with someone. As Natasha said “I don’t need to be on a man’s arm to look good” further going on to say later “Everything in it’s right time everything in it’s right place”.

A relationship doesn’t define you , if you think you need to be someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend to be important, you need some serious therapy. Wrong relationships are what can actually destroy you. If you listen to the news,read the papers, you can can see exactly that

The examples are numerous. Whitney Houston’s life and career took a plunge when she got involved with Bobby.Pop Princess, Britney Spears, is more in the news for her antics and her declining career, since she got involved with K fed. REHAB sensation Amy Winehouse, is living her lyrics ,because of the type of relationship she got into. Kate Moss with Pete Docherty. The examples could go on and on.

The song “I’M A BOMB” relates to the potential volatility of the female. We men at times get carried away, when we are talking to women. We are having such fun(catching trips) while talking, that we begin to say things, that we don’t necessarily mean ,without realizing the impact it is having .We innocently flirt with ladies that we really have no intention of having a relationship with,we think she knows it’s just fun ,not realizing how seriously she is taking our words.

Natasha here is saying that

“I’m a bomb can you hear me tick, beware if you turn me on, there ain’t safety switch, I’m a bomb, use only steady hands , to mess with me you must be a brave man”.

This is an analogy warning to us men , that we better be careful about the way we toy with a woman’s emotions, the song “I BRUISE EASILY” pretty much voices the same message.

The song “FROGS AND PRINCES” is a message and principle that I have believed in for quite a long time. There is a saying that many women either really believe or have subconsciously been programmed to believe, “You must kiss many frogs to find your prince”. If you go around kissing frogs, all you’ll do is end up with the taste of different types of slime in your mouth. A frog is not genetically engineered to turn into a man, all he does is be the envy of other frogs for the one that got to kiss the pretty girl. Chances are, your Prince would come along while you are kissing the frog and think “too bad, she’s into frogs” and he’ll ride off to find another princess, who doesn’t have slime all over her face.

A lady shouldn’t have to continue ping pong from Tom Dick and Rhett just because she’s looking for the right man. Doing this she is like a beautiful rose that has been nurtured by the Gardner (her father) for many years and one day she uproots her self and starts to go through the hand of every flower collector in town. Pretty soon the beauty of the rose and it’s specialty would be gone because every one has had a touch or feel of it at one time or the other.

Still not catching my drift? Ok , imagine a field of snow, that is smooth and has never been invaded. And you are at the top of a hill with a sledge admiring the beauty of the snow covered landscape. You then mount your sledge and sail down the hill, creating a clear cut pathway through the snow. You then realize that you wanted to make a different path entirely and you repeat the process, by the time you do that the beauty of the snow covered landscape is gone, all that is left is zig zags of different paths, interlocked, and the original path is lost within the mess. When we venture into relationships, we cut a path, that will forever remain on the road map of our lives, sometimes they determines were we continue to go for the rest of our lives.

Picture it this way, how would you like to look out on your wedding day at your guests, to discover that between you and your spouse to be that the only guests that haven’t known either of you intimately,or in the network of traveled circles, are the ones you are related to and the officiating minister .Ok, maybe an exaggeration ,but not very awe inspiring is it?

How far do we want our future spouse to go , with the person they are dating.How many experiments or escapades, do we want them to have engaged in , with the people they see before us? How many frogs do we want them to have done the Tango with?

Finally , the song “WE’RE ALL MAD” is a song that directly relates to the initial approaching or dating stages. When a woman would not even consider responding to a man, that doesn’t dress a certain way, drive a certain kind of car or spend money in a certain way. I remember while in Undergrad days, once hearing a girl say “I can’t date a guy that doesn’t wear Timberland boots”, now if that isn’t crazy I don’t know what is.

Granted , women have their personal choices, tastes and have to be careful that they aren’t hooking up with a layabout. But some take it to the extreme, that they expect the guy she is dating to budget a his income around spending on her and paying her bills (so she doesn’t spend hers. For real, i have actually had someone say this to me.

In a world of “equality and equal rights”, that’s just plain selfish and greedy. It was that kind of attitude that made James Blunt’s girlfriend to leave him a few months before he wrote hit song “You’re beautiful” and became a world wide sensation, I believe the same thing for Ne-Yo and hit song “So sick”.

Then again maybe it’s good thing, if they hadn’t walked out on these lyrical geniuses, we would never have those songs. Definitive pain is sometimes what takes us to the next higher level in our lives.

I’m not trying to make anyone the villain here, or make anyone out to be the victim. Neither am i condemning or casting judgment on anyone that has a past or even a present predicament.

Both men and women need to give each other more of a chance,and try to put ourselves in the others shoes. Whoever we are involved with, as guys or girls , that person in the future ,should be able to look back and say yes, he/she was a great person, he/she had a significant impact on my life, and not feel weird or embarrassed if they run into us in the while with their significant other, or family.


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