Tony Robbins tells Rocky story

Many people make fun of Stallone, he has been mocked and spoofed countless number of times on Late Night Shows and Comedy Sketch shows and every place possible, but very few people know his story.

The tenacity and perseverance that he went through hanging on to his dream. No doubt, many of us have watched the movie Rocky, but do we know what he went through before this movie was made. We don’t realize the number of dream killers, and naysayers that he had to overcome, all the circumstances,hurdles and negativity he had to shut out when hanging on to his dream.

The experts don’t always have the answers, dream on , dream big, and take the steps necessary to achieve that dream. ACTION not only dreams.

F. W Wolworth was told he was too stupid to work in retail

A bank manager once told an investor that the product of the start up company and he wanted to invest in were just a novelty and it would pass away, he went ahead and invested anyway, that company, was Ford.

In 1962 ,the President of Dekker Records, passed on a band of four friends, because they felt , “groups with guitars are a thing of the past”. That group was ,The Beatles… Read more

The “experts”, are not always right.

This is an amazing story and i hope that we are all inspired by it.


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