The expression , nothing is hidden under the sun , is usually used to
explain the fact, that , whatever is done in secret, or we think we do in secret
would come out to be revealed in public for other eyes to see

It has happened in history, it happens everyday in life
affairs usually come back to haunt the culprits
either through children born out of that affair
or a fatal attraction type of obsession from the jilted party

In the 90’s the biggest betrayal in US intelligence history
since Benedict Arnold, was Aldrich Ames, the Judas of the CIA
for many years he sold secrets to the then Soviet Union
he made a lot of money from it, and was basking in the luxury
of his ill gotten gains ,but eventually he was revealed and convicted

At the beginning of the Noughties , the USA was rocked
by the Enron scandal which happened right under the noses
of one of the most respected professional firms in the world
it happened slowly and meticulously , deceitfully
and it seemed that they were getting away with it all but
eventually it was revealed and the perpetrators where made to bite the dust
literally for the King of them

The Elvis of the White house
Bill “i did not have sexual relations with THAT woman” Clinton
seemed like a genuine clean cut guy
he ,wife Hilary and daughter Chelsea
seemed like the picture perfect couple
until Linda Tripp, made a tape of her conversation
with a certain Ms Lewinsky and it happened as a snowball effect
that went on to reveal the Don Juan past of the Baby Faced president
for many years he had sexcapdes , from his days as governor
he seemed to get away with most of them
and they were swept under the carpet and surprisingly
did not feature much during his campaign for the oval office
quite similar to that of a President he shook hands with as a teenager

Many of us do things that we feel will never be discovered
we engage in activities that are spur of the moment
which may be done with a clear head or intoxicated
they may be done out of giving in to peer pressure
or out of some sense of curiosity which gets the better of us

You may be thinking that this is far from
the reality of everyday people
after all, those are people in unique public eye positions

Anyone that attended any type of formal education setting
can testify that people’s “business” usually becomes public knowledge
those things said or done in private become public
and sometimes , define the reputation of the person
for the entirety of their time in the school and beyond.

A few years ago i was walking down the street
and i ran into someone i went to school with
we engaged in chit chat and it was nice catching up
A few months later , i ran into another alumni
and i mentioned to this person that i had seen a friend
the very first thing that they recalled the person by
was the reputation that they had built from the “secret” things
they had gotten up to , with the person they were seeing at the time
this story had some how also spread through out the various NYSC camps
who ask you to confirm once they know you went to that school

It just crushed me to hear that
this was an event that took place more than 8 years ago
it had taken place in private, behind closed doors
it was just a one time thing , an experiment
like they do in the movies at college parties
Who was going to find out?
But that was the only thing
that the person was identified by , dismissively

That reputation has transcended time
it has crossed geographical barriers and
i am pretty sure similar to the memory of the dismissive party,
remains in the memory
of every other person ,that ever heard the story

I don’t know if the concerned party
still lives that lifestyle
or practices those escapades that defined their reputation
and though , there are no Paris Hilton type viewing
on the internet
an action that was meant to be in secret
has tainted the perception
that several have of an individual
that thought their activity was being
carried out in privacy

The question is
is there anything we are doing currently
that we know we can not proudly defend
or would find extremely embarrassing to us
personally or professionally
or to our families and reputations
if someday, somehow it becomes public knowledge.

When we throw out our lives with no forethought
it’s not like a rock that is hurled and lost
For, it’s only a matter of time before the repercussions
come back like a boomerang to lay the smack down


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