Some times in this life, we sit down and wonder why we are in the situations
that we find our selves in. Often times we are the architects of our
own demise and we don’t even realize it .
We pray and pray expecting “manna” to fall from heaven in some miraculous way
when the power to change our situations has already been given to us.

All the devil needs, is a crack to get in ,
a chink in the Armour to sink his claws and tear apart our defenses
One minute opening, for him to enter into our lives, and it may be in one moment of weakness
when we let our guard down.He knows he needs only a little pressure on our lives for us to fall.

Living a life of purity, if one has chosen to do so
means that you have got to obey the rules,You have got to set boundaries, restrictions,barriers and no go areas.

Like a castle that has a crocodile filled moat and a drawbridge, and archers on the tower.
You have got to have defenses,that are unreachable by those things that tempt us.

Defenses that only you, absolutely control and nobody can breach those defenses.

Boundaries that you do not cross, and situations you foresee and do not get yourself into.
(The prudent see danger and avoid it).

If sexual purity is your decision ,what do you do to keep that?

Well for one thing , dating people that believe, sex is an essential part of a dating relationship, is out of the question, counter productive and frankly FOOLISH. You are only setting yourself up for a fall, and when you fall, you will fall hard. Their belief does not make them bad people ,it just means that you are tuned into a different frequency of understand and perception from the one, that you are tuned into.

If you allow yourself to be all alone in the bedroom with that person you have a strong attraction to,where you know, you have no chance of being disturbed do not act surprised when you wake up to find yourself to the person naked.

NOTHING JUST HAPPENS, it’s a situation you allowed yourself to handle
David and Samson, two of the strongest and directly anointed
men in the Bible, put themselves in wrong situations and landed in sexual sin,
as a result of bad judgment , that did not exercise restraint.

If you decide that alcohol is no longer a part of your life, hanging out at a bar,pub or club certainly won’t help you keep a strong stance on that decision.

You got to realize that your flesh is your slave and not the other way around,
you tell your flesh what to do ,not it telling you what to do. It should obey you, and not you obeying it.
Whether that applies to food, sex,credit card purchases which you know you can’t afford.
By flesh, i mean, those natural human desires, that can be hazardous if not kept in check

In order to live up to God’s desire for our lives you exercise
so much control over your body that it is your slave .
Like an athlete that discards certain food and habits
we have to discipline the desires of our body
This means that when your flesh craves sexual satisfaction
You tell it NO,When it craves revenge you tell it NO .When you have a
dodgy heart and it craves a Big Mac, you tell it a resounding NO.

Giving in to temptation does not begin with the act it’s self
it begins with it’s conception in our minds
when you dwell on the pleasure and possibilities of a certain act
your mind like an understudy will carry it out immediately it gets a chance

What images are you feeding your mind?
What thoughts do you constantly dwell on?

Because of lack of self control many believers have become worthless. They are just as promiscuous as those that have never stepped into a church.

They are just as “liberal” with a moral compass that is ever encompassing to whatever whim society decides to adopt.

They start rationalizing the word of God and make excuses for their unrepentant yielding into carnality . Demanding a verse in the Bible that proves to them that something they are doing is wrong, when it is simply a wisdom issue. Once we begin to demand scripture for a questionable issue in our lives, we should know we are treading a very dangerous path ,leading to a destination that holds nothing good.

The Kingdom of God is NOT a democracy. We can not choose what laws we want to obey and which ones are not convenient for us. The word of God is not a buffet, we can’t pick from it, ONLY the parts we like, and ignore the rest, that does not leave a sweet taste in our mouth or us feeling good about ourselves.

Without self control there is no difference between a Christian and those that reject, deny or detest God, who answer only to themselves .If we yield to whatever our flesh desires place before us;then we might as well put down the cross and be on our way.

The devil’s intention is to slap God in the face, by having his Kid’s yield to every desire of the flesh, doing the same things that the world does.

These days more than ever ,safe ain’t safe at all today.

Quit your jibber jabber ,Don’t be a statistic, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

Stand and be ye separated from amongst them

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