The age old question that atheist, agnostics and some that consider themselves the “i don’t believe in a “bearded guy in the sky” intellectuals .Some others genuinely ask, If there is a God, why is there suffering ?

Now i am not a Pastor,preacher,philosopher or theologian, so i am going to answer the best way i know how. Some of you may disagree with my references to the Bible and GOD himself, but the fact is that i am a Christian. My Christianity is not a religion , and is not about “Thou Shalt” and “Thou Shalt not”, but it is a faith that is about relationship, a one on one relationship with GOD and a lifestyle that i choose to live. You cannot separate me from my lifestyle, like you cannot separate a fish from water. With that said, let’s get to why you are reading this, SO SIT BACK, THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE.

In the beginning God said “Let us create man in our own image after our own likeness .

What this meant was that man was to be in the likeness of God. Just like many of us are in the likeness of our fathers and mothers, we are in the likeness of God. Like twins are the likeness of each other, but are different from each other, So we are in God’s image, but not God himself.

Just like we share genetic codes with our parents, or for some of us our grand parents ,and we look like them and sometimes even act, exactly the same way they did when they were our age. We have many of their features , yet we are very distinct individuals.

When God made us like himself, he gave us many of his features, the power to think and create, as is shown in Adams’ naming of the animals in the garden. The power to have a relationship, as Adam had a many conversations with God. He gave us the admire , as God made Eve and presented her to Adam, Adam was speechless. Above all GOD gave man free will and the power of choice,

GENESIS 2 vs 16- 17 ;You may freely eat ANY fruit in the garden, except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of it’s fruit you will surely die.

Did you notice the key word ANY. Any by definition, means some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or many. This implies that there were many trees in the Garden, It is my belief that the garden must have gone on for several millions of acres. We know the wide range of fruit that we see in the supermarket. And what we see is what is limited, to the geographical area or climate we live in. The garden must have had every fruit that is known to man, including those that are if there is such a fruit extinct. That is a choice of well over 1,000 fruits. So why on earth , did they choose to eat the fruit that was forbidden ?

I am sure that the majority of those reading this article would admit to doing something that our parents or some form of authority told us not to do. Whether it , eating snacks before dinner, going over to a friends after school instead of coming home straight. Taking the car out despite the fact that you don’t have a learners permit much more a drivers permit. I think you catch my drift .

They were given the choice of life and death, choose another fruit and live, Eat this one and die. It all boils down to choice, and we all know what choice that they took.

God gave us all free will, the power to make choices, without which, we would not be like him. He could have decided to program us all; downloading into us whatever he wanted us to do, or make us into puppets that did his will, but he decided to give us free will and with that free will, that is why the world is in the state it is in.

Free will, ultimately translates to freedom. Freedom is the power or right to act ,speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Journalists love to claim, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Americans love to plead their various amendments and declarations of independence, oh how much they love it. Many from all around the world run to the United States because of this “freedom” .

But exactly how free is Freedom?
There is no freedom without restrictions, there is no freedom without discipline. We are free to eat what we want , but eat too many sweets and we rot our teeth. Eat too much cholesterol and we risk a lifetime of health complications.

It’s all about choice. We are free to date who we choose, but some ladies can testify what they have suffered at some of the men they have allowed into their lives. Some of the men paying alimony, to women you took their hearts and put it through the grinder can testify to it, but it was their choice to get involved with that person.


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