For the people that had the privilege of
growing up in a home with loving parents
that trained,disciplined and chastised with Love
Parent, who taught us how to live and through this
helped us build character
we often heard this statement
mostly, when leaving home for school
or some other place where the guiding eyes of
our parents, or those that knew us,did not reach
“remember the child of whom you are”

For an African child This is a very powerful statement,that bears gravity meaning
“you carry your family name” ,”whatever you do outside reflects on the entire family”
“you are not your own” ,”Do not do anything that would stain the family name”

This completely eradicates the ,”it’s my life I’ll do what i want with it”
which many use as a cop out to live a care free life

Looking at the lives of celebrities
when you hear the name Presley, you immediately
think about Elvis, his daughter is still under the shadow of that name
John Kennedy Jnr , from his earl childhood till his death
was known by the name of his family
Performer ,Lilly Allen, is the daughter of Keith Allen
and some question if she’d be in the limelight
if not for the name of her already famous father
Nicolas Cage was born Nicolas Coppola
but changed it because he wanted to cut
his own path and not be

When you hear the names Hitler, Mussolini, Amin
they are immediately attributed to a certain emotion
and for the foreseeable future
those names will remain in infamy to those that bear it
no matter what good, the recent generation do

As children of God
what lifestyles are we living
and how do it reflect , on the lineage that we claim
Do we have lifestyle, that contradict our father?
What are we getting up to?
What places are we going ?
Who or what are we involved with or in?
Do we put ourselves in situations
that can make observers say
i thought he/she was a Christian
Does the life we live reflective positively or negatively on God
Wherever , Richard Branson
or Donald Trumps children go
their heritage will always shine through as children of their father
they are distinct from the other publicity seeking, and notorious kids
of other tycoons

How does our attitude , appearance and lifestyle
show the father that we claim
is it a great example, is it any distinct from the others around?
Are we exemplary sons and daughters

Based on the life we are living
if he appears in the blinking of an eye
would he be proud to say
where he finds us, in what he finds us doing
This is my child


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