For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword, piercing until it divides soul and spirit, joints and marrow, as it judges the thoughts and purposes of the heart.HEB 4;12 ;this simply means it cuts the wielder of the sword, just as deeply as the person it it pointed at, everything here speaks to me just as anyone else.

Many people , when asked their religion they answer CHRISTIAN. But what is the true meaning of Christianity?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Does going to church make you a Christian?

Does simply believing in God make you a Christian? Obviously not, The Devil believes in God , he just does everything contrary to God’s will. Knowing scripture does not make you a christian, the devil knows the scripture better than all of us combined, which is why he knows how to twist it to manipulate and confuse us.

Does the fact that you were born into a Christian home and raised by Christian parents make you a Christian? Some of us believe so , this is the Christianity of indoctrination or acclimatization , being around church so much that we feel it’s a part of us;this type usually fails the test when the said person leaves the environment(leaves home,goes to college) & parental coverage that so influenced him that way.

So to the above questions , the scripture(Kingdom constitution) says NO. If it works that way, That means a child automatically become a double masters graduate without the effort, because both his parents are masters holders. Being born on the campus of Harvard , does not automatically make one a student of Harvard.Neither does being born into a Christian home make one a Christian any more than going to MacDonalds everyday make you a hamburger. If a student wanted to enter Harvard they would have to make the conscious effort to commit myself into getting into Harvard. A man of God once put it this way “God has no grandchildren”.

“The greatest cause of atheism in the world today , is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus ,with their lips,and walk out the door, and deny him by their lifestyle, THAT is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

* Are we more concerned with getting high than the most high?
* Are we more concerned with being politically correct than standing for what we believe in ?
* Are we more comfortable with what is socially acceptable, than what is God acceptable?
* Are you more concerned about the Winehouse or the Church House?
* Do you justify your actions, turning everything to Grey, when you know you are blatantly out of line.Even locating “loophole” in scripture to back up living in sin?
* If Jesus went through your URL history, what sites would he find, what shows are we watching , and would we invite him to join in?
* If he walked into your room when you were with that special someone, would you be embarrassed?
* Do you squirm when you see a cute puppy being hurt, but shrug your shoulders at abortion, like it’s just one of those things.?
* How is your life any different from those who have never stepped into a church. Can anyone tell the difference?

Becoming a Christian is like joining the army.When you join the army, there are things in your life you can no longer do, if you want to be a successful soldier.

Discipline has to become part of your DNA. You can no longer eat deep fried chicken and ice cream every night.You can’t wake up at 11 pm or sleep in as much as you want . You can’t go out binging all night.You have to conform to an exercise regiment if you are going to survive the life of a soldier.

Christianity is a responsible lifestyle.

If you claim Christ, You cannot go to bed with a person you are not married to, claiming “we are in love and we aren’t hurting anybody”. No deliberating about it,no room for gray, pre-marital sex is OUT OF THE QUESTION for a Christian single no matter how “in love” you are, or even if you are going to get married, YOU ARE NOT MARRIED YET.

Once you tell people that you are Christian, the world is constantly watching your life to see how you conduct it. They are watching for you to make that mistake, so they can point fingers and say that you are no different from anyone else. More important than the world watching, as Christian, you are an ambassador to the Kingdom of God. Everything you do from hence forth is a representation and a reflection on the Kingdom of God.

You cannot live a life contrary to the Bible and expect everything to be in the sweet by and by. “A fountain can not produce both sweet and bitter water”.You can’t get stupid drunk every weekend and waltz around professing Christ when you manage to be sober.

And one thing that many Christian couples now do these days is shacking up. They move in together unmarried or “we are engaged so it’s ok” but, THAT is a NO ,NADA, there is absolutely no justification. You can not start living as if you are married(sleeping together and having kids), without actually getting married and expect God to honor it. You are giving the devil room to play and are adopting to a lifestyle no different from anyone else of the world that hates,despises or denies the existence of the God you serve. The constitution says Flee from all appearances of evil. Appearance, anything that looks like sin. So even if you are not sleeping together, no one else would believe your claim,and THAT does it look good on your testimony.

GUYS, you can not minister like TD Jakes, but in the same breath and stride treat women like a Hugh Hefner wannabe, disregard all integrity, and expect the glory of God to be manifested through you.

LADIES,you can’t let some man touch and handle you wrong, and claim “we were just dancing”, there are eyes watching and taking note of your actions. You can’t worship and prophesy like Juanita Bynum, but dress like you hired Paris Hilton’s stylist and expect the former to be the impression that remains with people. 1 Timothy 2:9 speaks on that issue. “And i want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves……”

The truth is , we all know these things. Life is all about choices,and deep down we know when we are going the wrong way through our inner compass. The difference is, what are we going to do about it now?

Now don’t get it twisted. CHRISTIAN ARE NOT PERFECT , though that should not be used as an excuse to constantly live in a lifestyle of sin.

GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
ROMANS 6:1-What should we say then? Should we continue to sin so that God’s kindness will increase?

We are going to face and even struggle with the same things that every body else in the world. We have the same desires to succeed in life and the same trials, we are not isolated from temptations, and it is not by our own strength we sometimes overcome them. The difference however, is about the commitment to change your life and strive for perfection.The determination that says “i’m not going to let my cravings rule my life” is what is important. Whether that craving be sexual, emotional,physical or any other appetite that is natural. Being dependent on God and Creating boundaries of what you can and cannot do,where you can and can not go, no matter how much fun it is.

Many of us think that we can walk on the fence, we can ping pong between the Kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of God. Living by the constantly changing standards of the world, or the never changing ever solid word of God. Do we do what is socially acceptable by the world or follow the constitution that of the Kingdom of God you have claimed loyalty to.

Once again, i’m not suggesting that we become dull, or wet blankets. Or pack up and retreat to an Amish village or convent/monastery . Like the constitution of your country that is meant to protect you, so is the Bible and the laws and guidelines that it gives us. We should think of them as restricting or dictator like. Our definition of fun, is meant to have changed immediately we claimed Christ as our Lord and savior

If all of the above doesn’t suit your idea of living life. By all means,enjoy your “Not Religious” status, and do continue to do those things, that you love to do,but don’t claim Christianity while doing it all, you are misrepresenting Jesus, and will have to answer one day for slander.

The choices you make today affect your tomorrow.

When we call ourselves Christians, that means whatever actions the world sees from us, reflects on the body of Christ, the same way an ambassador represents his nation. We would all answer to him one day and account for our actions. The question we all should ask ourselves is when each one of us stands before the judgment seat of Christ, and he asks us


What will be your answer?


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