Sometimes as a Christian, life may seem that it’s on a dimmer switch. As you look around, it seems that everyone else but you is having fun. It appears that the hottest girls and the cutest guys are unbelievers and they are off limits. You sometimes contemplate letting go to “get your freak on” , just for a minute, but the words “shall we continue in sin, so that grace may abound”play like a looping record in your head, and you shake your thoughts off.
 Yes, it may seem that the unbelievers are having all the fun, making all the money and top the charts and the head lines, and it can really get frustrating that all the “fun” things are off limits, but what are the consequences as Christians for engaging in these “fun” things.

You’ve got a friend, let’s call her April .You are in the same department in University and she’s seen the difference in you as a Christian. She notices your diligence and is marveled by your integrity. You’ve been inviting her to youth meetings, and she’s always turned you down. You tell her about the love of God, his promises and your inheritance cause you’re a kid of the king .She finally agrees to go with you to youth meeting, and there she’s engulfed by the fellowship of the brethren, and she’s begun to consider giving her life to Christ. A few days later she goes to the club, and there, she see’s you shaking your body to sexual songs, letting men touch you .in a way that would make Jesus blush, all in the name of dancing. She’s appalled to see this, and decides that she wants no part of your “so called Christianity”, you try to justify yourself but to no avail, your fun just earned your friend a one way ticket to hell.

Your roommate and his friends mock you because of your moral stand on sexual issues and vow of abstinence. They tell you that you are just not able to get a girl into bed, and that is why you are using Christianity as an excuse. Deep inside you know that is not the reason and why, you have made such a commitment to God. It doesn’t help that you have strong hormonal desires to satisfy those urges , but you’ve avoided the situations that will make you fall so far, and you keep on the good fight.

Your roommates use the room all the time when their girlfriends come over, and the sounds they make do not exactly make celibacy any easier .You are beginning to have thoughts of trying it out, just once, to experience the feeling that they talk about so much.

One day you are invited to a party to celebrate spring break, deep down you know you are not to meant to be there, but you want to have some fun for a change, and suddenly that cute girl from the campus most popular sorority, the one you’ve been admiring for months spots you and comes over, your roommate is smoking some weed, and he offers you some and you decide to find out what it means to get high, and you take a roll from him.

You and the cute girl hang out and begin to get physical, the next morning you wake up with a naked girl beside you and realize what you’ve done. You try to sneak away but everybody at the party knows what went on, and some of the frat boys that had the party congratulate on your “conquest” ,christening you with names . Later on your roommate meets you to tell you that despite all the times he mocked you, he always wished that he had the strength you had to keep to your beliefs, but now he’s seen that you are no different from anyone else. Your testimony is shot, you can never say anything to him again that he can take seriously.

These are things young Christians are tempted with; every where they turn to it seems temptation is calling. The thing about being a Christian is that once you make that commitment, and people know about it, everything you do is under scrutiny. From the way you dress, to your speech and mannerism and the way you react to people and situations. It’s like they are watching, waiting for you to fall. Even when there are things that may be innocent, the fact that they might portray a bit of wrong, we are to avoid them. That’s why the bible says fleeing from all appearances of evil. Sometimes it may seem like a tough deal, but you know what you are striving for. I conclusion I’d like to encourage you that if any of you has fallen, that is not the end; all you have to do is repent and get back on track.

God forgives and he longs for you to follow him, the bible says in I Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man, and God is faithful, he will not let you be tempted more beyond what you can take”.

He knows exactly what you are going through, because Christ himself lived on earth and likewise had the same temptations that we have. This doesn’t mean that we should allow ourselves into tempting situations, that’s why Psalm 23 says “Lead us not into temptation”,and not deliver us from temptation after we wilfully walked into it.

We are to use our own discretion to know where and where not we allow ourselves to be. A club where some people are getting drunk, and looking for a one night stand is not exactly an encouraging place for spiritual growth. A relationship with someone that has no understanding of chastity is not advised. Doing business with someone who’s policy is “the end justifies the means” is asking for trouble.


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