lyrically speaking….there was a girl i used to know she was……

There’s just “something about you” that seemed like you just stepped off a cloud from mount Olympus cos, you are my cocoa butter amazon princess some may say, it’s a “bitter sweet symphony” or even “virtual insanity” that i consider you my “sweetest taboo”.

Sometimes i ask myself “are you that somebody'” and as much as i try to deny it I’ve got you “under my skin” , your presence makes me feel like i can “fly like an eagle” further denial causes me “trouble sleeping” cause im “so into you”

Your aura alone “knocks me off my feet” and if it were FaceBook, our status would be called “half crazy” but i have to give my “confession” “every little thing” i do, you’re on my mind yet you say i’m “just a friend” My attempt at “breakin the habit” has failed “each time”, and “it’s alright”, even though sometimes it feels like you “pushin me away” “i aint mad atcha” cos, you inspire my “ascension” to higher heights, and in my mind there’s “no doubt” that “if i ever” fall she’d be “someone like you”


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