Fishing of the recreational nature is a fascinating activity .We are all familiar with it , most of us from seeing it done on buddy, or father-son fishing trips in the movies . The fisherman with his simple rod, reel and bait , paddle out to the middle of the lake; center of activity and from that point it becomes a waiting game.

The avid fisherman is an expert at this, he knows the game and prepares appropriately for it . He knows there are several types of rods that can be used, depending on the type of fish he wants to catch. As there are different types of water fish(fresh & salt) . The type of water he’s fishing in and the fish that he has in mind; will determine the bait;there are fly bait set ,the ones that are made from feathers and those from worms,some times another fish is used is bait.

The bait conceals the reality of the hook and the presence of a fisherman patiently waiting. To the fish, it just looks like a freebie, a tasty meal that he’s just the first “sharp guy” to notice,before all the other suckers around him. Suspended close to the surface, illuminated by the sun breaking through the water. is that tasty morsel, an effortless meal to satisfy his appetite .He swims to claim his price and takes a big tasty bite , refreshing until the fishermen realizes his bait was worked and reels in his prize. The “sharp-man” is now the sucker, realizing too late that maybe the others had known all the while .Maybe from previous experience, others fishes warning or maybe discernment, that things that come that easy have a catch 22.

Now, there are only two ways this could end. If it’s a hobby catch& release fisherman, the fish can live to swim another day;the other way, is over an open fire being roasted as dinner.

There are man things in this life which we chase after, they seem innocent and are often enticing and extremely appealing. There are different types of bait for each of us, and what might be Sampson’s bait, Judas may ignore, but he has his own unique custom built bait luring him in another direction. Sometimes, another unassuming fish might be the bait that easily traps us.

Others have had a taste of it and have “testified” how delicious and satisfying it was,and let you know how much you are missing out, but while we are caught in the euphoria of their story, we fail to see the scars that reveal, that they barely made it out of there ;or by some mercy were released. The next time ,the next fish may not be so lucky.

“There’s a way that seems right unto a man, but it’s end, is the way of death”


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