As a semi pre-teen, i decided to explore my big bro’s slim double deck boom box he got for Christmas. Playing with the radio i discovered that there was a world beyond FM and AM. There was SW,MW,UHF,SHF and so on.

There were broadcasts that i did not even know existed . Years later, in the days of high school when physics has everybody talking about “boy i can’t wait to finish” , we were schooled in; Sound ,waves, Bandwidths and Frequencies

I am still amazed by the concept of radio waves, we cannot see them, but they are all around us. Every where we are, while we eat ,sleep, play and do our secret little things. A person can choose to deny the existence of radio waves, or their presence all around us ,but just because they can not see the waves, but there wont be the need for a debate, all we need to do is turn on a radio.

Still within the world of waves,there are bandwidths and there frequencies .Of the two bandwidths there are two most known are AM and FM. The FM is the commercial one which we are familiar with that host the stations we love . However , the dominance of the FM station does not extinguish the existence of the AM, which also has it’s faithful listeners . The thing about waves is, you can never find an FM frequency, while searching on an AM bandwidth, they are parallel line, that can NEVER meet . Even if by some fate Jam Master Radio is 96.9 FM, you can never find it while searching an AM frequency .

Many of us try to connect to God, but do not want to leave our current bandwidth to switch to his own bandwidth. We keep freaking out , frantically searching for him on the world’s bandwidth,the wrong bandwidth. We tune into the frequency number that we remember we heard, but it does not happen or manifest the station we are looking for,all because we are on the wrong bandwidth.

If we ever want; to connect with him, live for him and have everything that his word promises. We have to leave the bandwidth of the world, it’s values,ideals morals and switch to God’s bandwidth to connect with him.


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