It’s sad

It’s sad that in the internet age with information just a click away people are still so ignorant about the world beyond their state borders,nations shores.

It’s sad that we live in a world that fights for animal right and the life of the planet and then turns around for the right to slaughter unborn children

It’s sad that the well embraced “forward liberal thinking” contributes daily to the moral decay and decline of society

It’s sad that self discipline is loathed and derided but the repercussions of “freedom”/free living ,daily lie unwanted and lonely in incubators and racked in pain on dying beds.

It’s sad that intelligent design is mocked as dismissed as fantasy of fools yet the geniuses believe the intricacies of the human being and nature came from an explosion.

it’s sad that though we all want to go to Heaven some of us don’t want God to be there when we get there. It’s sad that so many diversions,distractions and road side attractions have taken so many off the straight and narrow.

It’s sad that in a “usual suspects: type line up there is no clear distinction in the dressing of those of faith and those that know no faith

It’s sad that you can see just as much cleavage in the church as u do in the club It’s sad that you can hear just as much “i tapped that …… last night” in the congregation as you do in the locker room

It’s sad that such a wonderful act of love has been trivialized into a cure for boredom/ casual recreation.

It’s sad that a nation rewards teenage pregnancy with a flat and an allowance but allows pensioners and retirees to get back in the 9 to 5 grind to survive

It’s sad that sometimes we truly sincerely believe we are right about something but “there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but in the end leads to destruction”

It’s sad that instead of having a ripple effect on the world the household of faith has become a vacuum.

It is sad that the desperation for one’s “other half” leads many on the path of self, emotional and sometimes eternal destruction

It’s sad that instead for equilibrium in and from a partner we’ve been programmed to search for an incomplete “other half”

It’s sad that greed, ignorance and long term myopia stops a nation with so much potential from waking up from slumber and economic mediocrity

It’s sad that the negative and stereotypical image a race hates so much is perpetuated in the music and movies by their own people.

It’s sad that the media has brain washed us with the “have ……and then be……..” mentality instead of teaching us the reverse.

It’s sad that the circle of what is considered “socially acceptable” is frightfully ever increasing and encompassing as each new human whim or indulgence appears


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