the instruction manual

Finally gave in and become a citizen of  The ‘Pod nation’ the other day. Like most people i eagerly and somewhat impatiently opened the package to reveal my purchase, my latest “asset” . I plunged straight into the device , prodding and poking , trying madly to figure it out . For quite a while an illustration appeared on the screen which i tried to follow, but the darn thing was still not working. I pushed, prodded , pulled and tugged still nothing. I decided to call one of my tech savy friends and he gave moi a few tips. Tried them out but they did not work for me the same they had worked for him. I decided to check the site and even google it , but some reason those free downloads looked a bit dodgy , so i skipped them.

It then occurred to me to look at the manual, which i had ignored or not even acknowledged. The manual gave a simple instruction which i followed , but for some reason, they were downloading but still not working . Called my boy again, could not help out.I was on my own. I was beginning to think this thing was defective and thoughts of kicking down Steve’s door down like the transporter flashed briefly through my mind.

I stepped back from it all cause even Roy Jones was forced to lean back. I then noticed behind the many windows i had opened , The download package which had been sitting there. Which i had failed to sift through all the congestion. I did the appropriate shizzle, bada boom bada bing i was in business. Mr Jobs had not gba’d me after all,lol. It has suddenly occurred to me through that episode. That, is exactly how many of us try to get through life. We push, pull, tug all to no avail. Run from pillar to post , call friends and every conceivable person in search of answers and assistance. We try to follow the instruction and fail to acknowledge that the solution has been provided, waiting behind all the clamor of our trying so hard. We fail to read the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth . which is the original instruction manual for mankind, providing the solution to making it all work.


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